SubMariner, The 1966 Animated Series, 2 DVD Set

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The Marvel Super-Heroes consisted of five different segments, each starring a well-known superhero from a particular Marvel comic¿ Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, The Sub-Mariner, and Thor. In order to meet the demands of presenting so many characters each week, the stories were told in a cliffhanger format, with 3 chapters per episode, thus requiring fewer scripts. The creators also saved time through the use of ¿Xerography¿, a process that allowed animators to copy pencil sketches directly onto animation cels, thereby saving them from having to redraw any scenes. While this technique resulted in a severe stiffness of the characters and almost no movement, it allowed the animators to churn out regular battles between our heroes and their super-powered nemeses. Despite the limited animation, The Marvel Super-Heroes won its share of loyal fans. Namor, Captain America, and Thor continued to guest-star in later Marvel cartoons, while The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man eventually got new shows of their own. All 13 episodes and 39 chapters are included on 2-Discs.

The Sub-Mariner was the title given by surface dwellers to Prince Namor of Atlantis, a half-human/half-Atlantean hybrid. More anti-hero than super-hero, Namor hated all surface-dwellers, regardless of who they were. As luck would have it, the moody prince often found himself aiding mankind against polluters or other villains whose actions also posed a threat to his underwater home. Blessed with super-strength and the ability to fly using wings attached to his feet, the Sub-Mariner would repel any threat to Atlantis, even when it ended up also helping the ¿land-lubbers¿ he so disdained.

One interesting note is that this series featured the first appearance of the X-MEN in animated cartoon form. Several Sub-Mariner episodes were adapted from issues of the FANTASTIC FOUR comic in which Namor guest-starred, but because the FF were appearing in their own animated series for Hanna-Barbera, they were replaced by the original X-Men (Prof. Xavier, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Iceman, Angel, and the Beast).

Episode 1:
1. Peril in the Surface World
2. So Spreads The Net
3. The Unveiling

Episode 2:
4. The Start of the Quest
5. Escape To... Nowhere
6. A Prince There Was

Episode 3:
7. Not All My Power Can Save Me
8. When Fails the Quest
9. The End of the Quest

Episode 4:
10. Atlantis Under Attack
11. The Sands Of Terror
12. The Iron Idol of Infamy

Episode 5:
13. The Thing From Space
14. No Escape For Namor
15. A Prince Dies Fighting

Episode 6:
16. To Conquer A Crown
17. A Prince No More
18. He Who Wears the Crown

Episode 7:
19. To Walk Amongst Men
20. When Rises the Behemoth
21. To The Death

Episode 8:
22. Atlantis Is Doomed
23. The World Within
24. Quest For X-Atom

Episode 9:
25. Beware The Siren's Song
26. Spell of Lorelei
27. Return of the Mud Beast

Episode 10:
28. Ship of Doom
29. Fall of Atlantis
30. Forces of Vengeance

Episode 11:
31. The Planet of Doom
32. To Test A Prince
33. To Save A Planet

Episode 12:
34. Doctor Doom's Day
35. The Doomed Allegiance
36. Tug of Death

Episode 13:
37. Let the Stranger Die...!
38. To Destroy A Tyrant!
39. Save A City!
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