SPIDERMAN (1981-82) - complete series (7-DVD) a.k.a. Spider-Man 5000

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All 26 episodes, the second Spidey solo series, a.k.a. "Spider-Man 5000," great adaptation of Spidey's adventures.

Peter Parker's adventures unfold in his college years after a radioactive spider bite transforms him into the caring crime fighter, Spider-Man. His fearsome battles against the forces of evil sit uncomfortably alongside a job as freelance photographer at the daily bugle, romantic encounters with the editor's secretary Betty Brant and caring for his elderly aunt May Parker.


1 Bubble, Bubble, Oil and Trouble

2 Dr. Doom, Master of the World

3 Lizards, Lizards, Everywhere

4 Curiosity Killed the Spider-Man

5 The Sandman Is Coming

6 When Magneto Speaks... People Listen

7 The Pied Piper of New York Town

8 The Doctor Prescribes Doom

9 Carnival of Crime

10 Revenge of the Green Goblin

11 Triangle of Evil

12 The A-B-C’s of Doom

13 The Sidewinder Strikes

14 The Hunter and the Hunted

15 The Incredible Shrinking Spider-Man

16 The Unfathomable Professor Gizmo

17 Cannon of Doom

18 The Capture of Captain America

19 The Doom Report

20 The Web of Nephilia

21 Countdown to Doom

22 Arsenic and Aunt May

23 The Vulture Has Landed

24 Wrath of the Sub-Mariner

25 The Return of the Kingpin

26 Under the Wizard’s Spell

The episodes featuring Doctor Doom had an ongoing storyline about rebels in Latveria trying to topple Doom. Throughout these episodes Doom is able to trick people, especially Jameson, into thinking that he is a kind ruler and international humanitarian.

Video/Audio Quality: C

DVD is NTSC format, Region 0 (region free) and playable world wide.

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    Posted by Ryan on 13th Jun 2018

    The content seemed to be ripped right from a TV source. Not bad but I had to actually label my own discs with a Sharpie since they were not labeled