Werewolf of Woodstock, DVD

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The Werewolf of Woodstock is a 1975 film produced for television by Dick Clark's production company and directed by John Moffitt.
Plot summary
After Woodstock has ended, a hippie-hating farmer (Tige Andrews) gets turned into a werewolf when he gets a massive jolt of electricity trying to destroy a leftover piece of equipment one of the bands left behind. The family doctor bandages him up and recommends lots of bed rest, but during the very next electrical storm he transforms into a snarling hairy horror. A small amateur hippie band shows up at the Woodstock site, intending to record an album on the stage where famous rock icons had performed (and thus be able to stick a label on their demo tape saying "filmed live at Woodstock"), and quickly begin to have run-ins with not only the local police, but also the hippie-hating werewolf. First, their dog is attacked and killed by the creature, and later the young girl is kidnapped by the beast, and locked away in an abandoned building. The farmer keeps transforming during electrical storms and nobody realizes what's going on until one night he transforms in front of his wife. Two "big city" detectives sent to monitor the goings-on at Woodstock (played by Meredith MacRae and Michael Parks) have already figured out a werewolf is involved in all these murders (in addition to the dog, the werewolf had already killed a local policeman in the area and the family doctor), and now that they know who the werewolf is they form a plan of attack which involves luring the creature out into the open with the one the thing it hates most, rock music, and then confusing it long enough to tranquilize it and capture it. The plan fails, and the werewolf runs back to the abandoned building, grabs the girl and escapes with her in a dune buggy, and a chase follows. The werewolf ends up at a power station, where the young male detective chases him up the metalwork. His female partner arrives with a newly made silver bullet, and as the werewolf attempts to kill the detective at the top of the power station, the sheriff shoots at it from the ground, and the werewolf falls to his death.
Video/Audio Quality: B-
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DVD is NTSC format, Region 0 (region free) and playable world wide.
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