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Cult Classic! A Must have DVD!
Forrest J. Ackerman's popular comic book anti-heroine is brought to life with Talisa Soto (Mortal Kombat) as the beautiful vampire princess who travels to Earth to find the bloodsucking killer of her father, that world's king. Her nemesis has disguised himself as a rock star, played by Roger Daltrey. Thirty centuries ago on the planet Drakulon a cult led by Vlad kills the Council and escapes to earth to become the bloodsuckers known as vampires. Ella, daughter of the slain High Elder, pursues the cult with vengeance in her heart. Shipwrecked for centuries on Mars, she eventually gets to earth as stowaway on a manned expedition.
On present day earth Adam, a descendant of the Van Helsings, works for PURGE, a paramilitary group dedicated to hunting vampires. Ella is now known as Vampirella, and must form an uneasy alliance with Adam in order to locate and deal with their common enemy, Vlad.

Talisa Soto....Vampirella
Roger Daltrey....Vlad/Jamie Blood
Richard Joseph Paul....Adam Van Helsing
Brian Bloom....Demos
Corinna Harney....Sallah
Rusty Meyers....Quinn
Lee de Broux....Lt. Walsh
Tom Deters....Traxx
Jack Zavorak....Captain Stryker
Lenny Juliano....Carlos
Anne Howard....Stepmother
Angus Scrimm....High Elder
Tyde Kierney....Adam¿s Father
David B. Katz....Forry Ackerman
Robert Clotworthy....Professor Steinman
Video/Audio Quality: B+
DVD is NTSC format, Region 0 (region free) and playable world wide.
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