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Dünyayı Kurtaran Adam (The Man Who Saves the World) is a Turkish-made cult film commonly known as Turkish Star Wars because of its notorious use of stolen Star Wars footage worked into the film.
Dünyayı Kurtaran Adam was released in 1982 in the midst of massive political upheaval. As a result, American-made films weren't easily acquired and were often remade with a Turkish cast and setting.
Directed by Çetin Ä°nanç and written by Cüneyt Arkın, a well-known Turkish actor whose works span the last five decades, the movie also starred Arkın in the leading role. Other actors include Aytekin Akkaya who later starred in the Italian movie Sopravvissuti della città morta, as well as Hüseyin Peyda and Füsun Uçar both of whom remained in Turkey.
The film follows the adventures of two comrades, Murat (Arkın) and Ali (Akkaya), whose ships crash on a desert planet following a space battle that is made up of footage from the actual Star Wars films as well as newsreel clips of both Soviet and American space rockets. While in the desert one of them says that perhaps it is a planet only populated by women, so the other man begins to do his whistle which he uses to attract women. However, he uses the wrong whistle, and they are then assaulted by skeletons on horseback. The pair then proceed to defeat the skeletons in hand-to-hand combat. The film's main villain then soon shows up and captures the heroes, bringing them to fight in his gladiatorial arena. The villain mentions that he was actually from Earth and is in reality a 1,000 year old wizard. He tries to defeat the Earth, but his attacks are always repelled by a shield of concentrated human brain molecules. The only way for him to bypass this otherwise impenetrable defense is to use a human brain to bring it down. The protagonists escape their captors and flee to a cave full of refugees who fled from the tyrannical rule of the villain. While there, Murat develops a romantic connection with the only woman there (Uçar), who is tasked with looking after the children. The scenes in which they are together often play music from Raiders of the Lost Ark. Zombie minions of the dark lord soon attack the cave, and several of the children killed and turn into zombies themselves. The three protagonists then flee the cave. Resurfacing at a local bar lifted directly from Star Wars (the Mos Eisley Cantina), the two men quickly manage to find themselves in a bar brawl that attracts the attention of the main villain who suddenly appears and captures Ali and Murat.
The musical soundtrack is entirely lifted from Western film hits of the time, primarily using Raiders of the Lost Ark. There are also scenes incorporating the music of Moonraker, Ben Hur, Flash Gordon, Battlestar Galactica, Planet of the Apes, Silent Running and Disney's The Black Hole. Awesome!!
In Turkish with English Subtitles.
Audio/Video Quality: B
DVD is NTSC format, Region 0 (region free) and playable world wide.
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