King Kong 1976: Extended TV Cut, DVD

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45 minutes longer!

45 minutes longer than the original film release!
Directed by John Guillermin
Starring: Jessica Lange, Jeff Bridges
This version of the film is from TV. The Audio/Video quality is about a C. 
Not the greatest quality but it is worth seeing if your a King Kong fan like us here at
The Film had 45 extra minutes of footage added to it for its two part TV premiere.
Additional scenes include the following:
A lengthy scene in a Surubaya bar showing Prescott drugging a Petrox crewman.
A scene of Joe & Boan playing cards & being interrupted by a Captain Ross on the loudspeaker calling all hands to assemble in the mess room.
Boan wisecracking about Petrox bought by Howard Hughes & working for the CIA.
A scene of a Mexican crew member named Garcia spying on Dwan while she's showering,ends with Jack tossing Garcia overboard with a life preserver.
A scene showing the crew watching an old movie on TV.
Roy Bagley observing the oil-like substance under a microscope, he swigs some wine & calls for a boat to take him ashore.
Longer battle between Kong & the gigantic snake,ends with an alternate and less gory take of Kong killing the snake & beating his chest.
Extra footage of Kong breaking through the wall.
Before Jack enters Dwan's dressing room he is confronted by a security guard.
Additional dialogue between Dwan & Wilson.
During Kong's rampage a Petrox head executive tells Wilson he's fired.
After Kong steps on Wilson,the camera pulls back to reveal that all that's left in Kong's footprint is Wilson's hat.
A scene of Dwan & Jack talking & running down a street trying to hot-wire a Chevrolet Corvette.
A scene of a car running in front of Kong, Kong picks it up (the car used was a 1974 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham) & throws it against a building, where it explodes.
A longer scene of Kong attacking the elevated train.
A longer scene of Kong hiding from search helicopters at the East River waterfront.
Additional dialogue between Jack and Dwan in the bar.
Two brief, additional clips of the military gaurding the Queensboro Bridge.
An alternate, extended scene of Kong destroying the power station.
A longer scene of the City Official concurring with military advisors at City Hall, including a general telling the official they don't have time to get Prescott's head examined, and another advisor telling the official that standing around won't get him votes.
Extended scene of Kong peering in the window at Dwan in the bar.
A short scene of a military official ordering jet fighters to be aborted and choppers sent in instead.
A scene of Jack stealing a discarded ten-speed bike and racing after Kong down a New York street.
Three short clips of Kong lumbering down Wall Street with Dwan in hand.
A brief clip of the helicopter gunships taking off.
An extended scene of Kong climbing the World Trade Center and pausing to rest a moment about halfway up.
Audio/Video Quality: C
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