Ironman, The 1966 Animated Series, 2 DVD Set!

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The Marvel Super-Heroes consisted of five different segments, each starring a well-known superhero from a particular Marvel comic¿ Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, The Sub-Mariner, and Thor. In order to meet the demands of presenting so many characters each week, the stories were told in a cliffhanger format, with 3 chapters per episode, thus requiring fewer scripts. The creators also saved time through the use of ¿Xerography¿, a process that allowed animators to copy pencil sketches directly onto animation cels, thereby saving them from having to redraw any scenes. While this technique resulted in a severe stiffness of the characters and almost no movement, it allowed the animators to churn out regular battles between our heroes and their super-powered nemeses. Despite the limited animation, The Marvel Super-Heroes won its share of loyal fans. Namor, Captain America, and Thor continued to guest-star in later Marvel cartoons, while The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man eventually got new shows of their own. All 13 episodes and 39 chapters are included on 2-Discs.

Iron Man was another Stan Lee creation. While in Vietnam to see his weapon designs tested out first-hand, millionaire inventor Tony Stark was struck in the chest with a piece of shrapnel. In order to keep himself alive, Stark jerry-rigged an armored suit, part of which acted as an external pacemaker to keep his damaged heart alive. But the benefits were much more than medical: as Iron Man, Stark possessed the powers of flight, super strength, and an array of weaponry. After the war, Stark used his wealth and technology to make numerous modifications to the suit, the better to help him fight evildoers like the Mandarin, Crimson Dynamo, and the Titanium Man.

Episode 1:
1. Double Disaster
2. Enter Happy Hogan
3. Of Ice and Men

Episode 2:
4. The Death of Tony Stark
5. The Hands of the Mandarin
6. The Origin of The Mandarin

Episode 3:
7. Ultimo
8. Ultimo Lives
9. Crescendo

Episode 4:
10. The Mandarin's Revenge
11. The Mandarin's Death Ray
12. No One Escapes the Mandarin

Episode 5:
13. Crimson Dynamo
14. The Crimson Dynamo Strikes
15. Captured

Episode 6:
16. Enter Hawkeye
17. So Spins the Web
18. Triple Jeopardy

Episode 7:
19. If I Die, Let It Be With Honor
20. Fight On, For A World Is Watching
21. What Price Victory?

Episode 8:
22. The Moleman Strikes
23. The Dragon of Flames
24. Decision Under the Earth

Episode 9:
25. The Other Iron Man
26. Death Duel
27. Into The Jaws of the Death

Episode 10:
28. Cliffs of Doom
29. The False Captain America
30. The Unmasking

Episode 11:
31. My Life For Yours
32. Black Knight's Gambit
33. Menace of the Monster

Episode 12:
34. Dream Master
35. If A Man Be Mad
36. Duel In Space

Episode 13:
37. The Beauty and the Armor
38. Peril in Space
39. As A City Watches

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