Incredible Hulk ,The 1966 Animated Series, 2 DVD Set!

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The Marvel Super-Heroes consisted of five different segments, each starring a well-known superhero from a particular Marvel comic¿ Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, The Sub-Mariner, and Thor. In order to meet the demands of presenting so many characters each week, the stories were told in a cliffhanger format, with 3 chapters per episode, thus requiring fewer scripts. The creators also saved time through the use of ¿Xerography¿, a process that allowed animators to copy pencil sketches directly onto animation cels, thereby saving them from having to redraw any scenes. While this technique resulted in a severe stiffness of the characters and almost no movement, it allowed the animators to churn out regular battles between our heroes and their super-powered nemeses. Despite the limited animation, The Marvel Super-Heroes won its share of loyal fans. Namor, Captain America, and Thor continued to guest-star in later Marvel cartoons, while The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man eventually got new shows of their own. All 13 episodes and 39 chapters are included on 2-Discs.

The Incredible Hulk was a creation of Marvel Comics founder Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby. The green-skinned Hulk was really Dr. Bruce Banner, a scientist who had helped develop a new bomb that used gamma rays to destroy its target. After accidentally being caught in the blast, Banner found himself transformed into a giant green creature with unbelievable strength. There were only two drawbacks: first, the good doctor had no control over his transformation; and second, when Banner became the Hulk, he retained none of his alter ego¿s intelligence or memories, essentially becoming a completely different (and angrier) person. While the Hulk usually ended up fighting simply to protect himself, the general public saw him as a threat. His one friend and ally was young Rick Jones, the only other person who knew that the Hulk and Bruce Banner were one and the same.

Episode 1:
1. The Origin of the Hulk
2. Enter the Gorgan
3. To Be A Man

Episode 2:
4. Terror of the Toadmen
5. Bruce Banner: Wanted For Treason
6. Hulk Runs Amok

Episode 3:
7. A Titan Rides the Train
8. Horde of the Humanoids
9. Hulk on the Rampage

Episode 4:
10. The Power of Dr. Banner
11. Where Strides the Behemoth
12. Back from the Dead

Episode 5:
13. Micro Monsters
14. The Lair of the Leader
15. To Live Again

Episode 6:
16. Brawn Against Brain
17. Captured At Last
18. Enter the Chameleon

Episode 7:
19. Within This Monster Dwells A Man
20. Another World, Another Foe
21. The Wisdom of the Watcher

Episode 8:
22. The Space Phantom
23. Sting of the Wasp
24. Exit the Hulk

Episode 9:
25. Hulk vs. Metal Master
26. The Master Tests His Metal
27. Mind Over Metal

Episode 10:
28. The Ringmaster
29. Captive of the Circus
30. The Grand Finale

Episode 11:
31. Enter Tyrannus
32. Beauty & The Beast
33. They Dwell in the Depths

Episode 12:
34. Terror of the T-Gun
35. I Against A World
36. Bruce Banner is the Hulk

Episode 13:
37. A Man Called Boomerang
38. Hulk Intervenes
39. Less Than Monster, More Than Man
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