Giant Monster Varan, Daikaij Baran, Varan the Unbelievable, DVD - WIDESCREEN - JAPANESE VERSION - UNCUT!

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Giant Monster Varan, Daikaij Baran, Varan the Unbelievable, DVD - WIDESCREEN - JAPANESE VERSION - UNCUT!

Varan the Unbelievable, released in Japan as Giant Monster Varan (¿¿¿¿¿¿ Daikaij¿ Baran?), is a 1958 Kaiju film directed by Ishir¿ Honda (drama) and Eiji Tsuburaya (special effects), and their last black-and-white monster film. The title character Varan is one of Toho Studios' least-famed creations. Although shown in Japanese-language theaters in the USA, the film saw general U.S. release in 1962 only after being heavily revised, in the manner of Godzilla, King of the Monsters!, to have all principal scenes reshot with American actors. Indeed, the plot itself was generally revised, and the Japanese material consisted only of special effects, a few incidental shots, and the ending scene.

Originally, the film was to be produced for American television, but the American producers backed out at the last minute. With most of the film already completed, Toho's crew filmed additional scenes and it was released in Japanese theaters.

This is not the hacked up American version! This movie is straight from Japan! Uncut!
Superior Quality in Dolby digital 5.1!

Audio/Video Quality: A
DVD is NTSC format, All-Region and playable world wide.
Product: DVD
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English
Region Code: All (1,2,3,4,5,6)
Aspect Ratio: Widescreen
Sound: Dolby Digital
Number of discs: 1

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    Posted by Duane Drew on 24th Mar 2017

    Very happy and excited to get the Japanese original version! So much better than the American one, which is cut with scenes from Bronson canyon and makes no sense. Excellent quality, only detractor and it happens when switching to ratios is a couple of times Varans head is in the top black. This happened to the original Godzilla when its ratio was switched. It only happens a couple of times and does not detract from this excellent very rare Japanese version!! Very Happy with this purchase!

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    A whole new movie

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Oct 2015

    I've seen the Americanized version, which is enjoyable, but this was like seeing a brand new movie. I was impressed that it was darker in tone than the American one. The quality of the disk is fantastic. Very clear. There is a slight echo once in a while but it doesn't detract from the film. Very, very happy with this purchase.

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    The Elusive Japanese Version

    Posted by AG on 26th Jan 2015

    After a recent Google search, I was surprised to find the Japanese version of Varan on DVD for an awesome price! I anticipated receiving the movie with excitement after placing an order. When the DVD was delivered I immediately settled down in front of my TV and watched the movie. Wow! The quality of the picture, sound and subtitles was excellent and I was blown away by how great a movie Varan really was compared to the American version.

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    Kaiju classic

    Posted by KCat on 13th Jan 2015

    This might not be as good as other films directed by Ishiro Honda and released by Toho such as Godzilla (1954), Rodan (1956) and Mothra (1961) but Varan (or Baran as the Japanese called him) was a very cool monster and it was a shame he didn't get to do much more. He got a cameo in Destroy All Monsters but that was it. The DVD itself was fantastic. No menu it plays right away but the sound and image is the best it is going to be. Get this and not the awful American edit.

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    fun movie

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Jan 2015

    Ok, Varan is no Godzilla, but this hard to find Japanese version is a lot of fun, and very very different from the American version. There really is no comparison to the two versions, as the American version is so altered, they truly are two separate movies. The plots are in no way similar,and the Japanese Varan has the ability to fly, although I was disappointed that the monster didn't use flying in it's attack on Tokyo. Like I said it was fun, but I can also see why Varan never became as popular as some of the other Toho denizens. Overall I would recommend this movie as a treat for fans of the Godzilla and friends genre.

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    Exactly what you need.

    Posted by nwonknU on 14th Sep 2014

    couldnt find a better deal on this movie anywhere else. This is the original deal, no americanization or elimination of asian protagonists to make room for myron healy. solid dvd case and sleek looking authentic cover art, its a really satisfying addition to make to your collection. if you've been searching and searching and searching for the original varan with no success, buy this and pat yourself on the back

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    Great version for a great price

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Jul 2014

    The quality of this dvd is excellent, images are sharp and sound is crisp. Was pleasantly surprised.