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Title: Kaiju soshingeki, Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters

Year: 1968
Directed by: Ishiro Honda
Genre: Monster, SciFi
Starring: Akira Kubo, Jun Tazaki, Yukiko Kobayashi, Yoshio Tsuchiya, Kyoko Ai, Andrew Hughes, Chotaro Togin, Yoshifumi Tajima, Kenji Sahara, Hisaya Ito
Aspect Ratio: Widescreen 
DVD is NTSC format, All-Region and playable world wide. 
VIDEO: 16x9 LB
AUDIO: Japanese 2.0 & 5.1 track
SUBTITLES: Yes (Removable English)
EXTRAS: Making of & Trailers (extras not subtitled)

This movie is straight from Japan never seen here in America! Uncut!
Superior Quality in Dolby digital! 

Plot: Aliens have released all the giant monsters from their imprisonment on Monster Island and are using them to destroy all major cities on the planet. It is up to the daring crew of the super rocket ship X-2 to infiltrate the aliens' headquarters before the Earth monsters and King Ghidrah annihilate the planet.
Video/Audio Quality: A
DVD is NTSC format, All-Region and playable world wide.
Product: DVD
Region Code: All (1,2,3,4,5,6)
Aspect Ratio: Widescreen
Sound: 5.1 Dolby Digital 

This product is manufactured ON DEMAND using DVD-R recordable media. DVD-Rs (the "R" stands for "recordable") look like the discs you're used to and offer the same audio and image quality. This recordable media is used to manufacture titles on demand, as fully authorized by the content provider or the content is officially in public domain. By eliminating inventory, waste, and inefficiencies in the distribution system, on-demand manufacturing provides the added benefit of helping preserve the film and the environment. This is a Region-Free NTSC DVD. It is NOT a factory made DVD. There are NO refunds for this DVD. Only exchange for defective DVD and for the SAME TITLE only. For more information please visit our About Us page. Thank you.


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    Great quality!

    Posted by Sean Rivera on 24th Oct 2015

    After years of putting up with lousy, badly edited and dubbed versions of this classic, finally found this! Beautiful picture, great all around quality! Highly recommended!!

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    Great Product and Service!

    Posted by Driffidius on 25th May 2014

    I received the merchandise in a couple of days after ordering it and love the product. I've never seen this version of the film before (Japanese with English subtitles) and actually haven't seen the film in likely over 20 years(!).

    This was always one of my favorite Godzilla films (after Monster Zero) growing up. I never had access to recording it on VHS, so all I had for years to remind me of it was the the old cassette recording I made of it on one broadcast. I listened to it over and over as a kid and those images and sounds were firmly locked in my head. I found that overall, the film still delivers. Love it!

    I highly recommend Sumogorilla! Will come here again for rare movies!

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    Great Godzilla flick

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Mar 2014

    Looked all over for this DVD a very long time. Prices being charged for Destroy all Monsters dvd were absurd. The quality and price of this DVD cant be beat. It was excellent. For me the japanese version was a nice extra. Couldn't be happier with the purchase.

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    this is the only way to watch this movie

    Posted by Unknown on 16th Feb 2014

    great double feature at a great price. watching both versions of this movie is the only way to go. english subtitles on original japanese version obviously a huge plus. perfect quality prints made these a blast to watch!

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    Good product for a cheap price

    Posted by Jack on 29th Dec 2013

    I looked for Destroy All Monsters on your basic online shopping sites and I couldn't find a DVD release with original Japanese dialogue and English subs.
    I was happy to find an affordable DVD of it here. I was a bit wary of the quality, but the movie played great on my computer/PS3. It doesn't have menus so you kinda just get a movie, but if that's all you want then it should make you happy.
    Also Destroy All Monsters was a fantastic movie!