Cliffhangers: Adventures from the Thrill Factory hosted by Leonard Maltin, DVD

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This program, hosted by film historian Leonard Maltin, goes behind the scenes of the Cliffhanger series. There, the viewer gets a close-up look at the production aspect of movie-making, and how the special effects and stunts are created for the popular show. Interviews with the program's stars, crew, director, and producers add human interest to the story. ~ Rose of Sharon Winter, Rovi
The 1993 documentary "Cliffhangers" provides an excellent overview of the classic Republic serials from the 1930s and '40s. Film historian Leonard Maltin utilizes the vast Republic library to his advantage - showcasing Saturday matinee treasures such as "Daredevils of the Red Circle," "Zorro's Fighting Legion," "Adventures of Captain Marvel" and "Spy Smasher." Along with Maltin's engaging narration, the recollections of Clayton Moore, Linda Sterling and director William Witney are a nice touch. "Cliffhangers" is terrific fun and an affectionate tribute to those serial thrills of yesteryear.
this video is certianly one of the finest, and best documentaries of the old serials of a bye gone age, any teenager of the early 1950s and even up to the 1960s who used to go to there local cinema on saturday mornings, will be taken on a nostalic trip to the great serials made by republic, and columbia, pictures (they were the greatest in producing these classics from all those years ago ,childhood days, still remembered with great affection 50yrs later.) with interviews from my idol of the serials, the late, great, frank coughlan jnr, who sadly passed away only last year september 2009, the clips of all the great serials are here in this documentary, ... adventures of captain marvel.... last of the patrol...captain vs the black dragon... and many more.. if you are still a kid at heart that has never wanted to grow up, then i can recommend this great documentary bringing back all the thrills of these great serials... this video is a must for anyone who collects serials.....

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